Focused, non-specialised supports

  • Focused, non-specialised interventions are necessary for a smaller number of people who require additional, more focused care by trained and supervised care providers who may not have years of specialized care training (IASC, 2007). (See more information about non-specialised supports in case management.)
  • Target Population: Survivors who come forward for help and require individual or group support.
  • Suggested Actions and Activities:
    • Case management for individualized service delivery and assistance.
    • Appropriate post-incident health care, including psychological first aid and basic mental health care by primary health care workers.
    • Livelihood and other social or economic reinte­gration interventions.
    • Culturally appro­priate supportive counseling (UNFPA, 2012).

Source: UNFPA. 2012. Managing Gender-based Violence Programmes in Emergencies: E-learning Companion Guide, pg. 86.

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