Core elements for legislation on Female Genital Mutilation

The following are necessary elements for drafting legislation on FGM.  Each element is discussed in detail below:

  • A national plan and strategy;
  • A legislative preamble that takes a stand against violence against women;
  • A clear and precise definition of FGM;
  • Criminalization of the act of FGM;
  • Criminalization of aiding and abetting the act of FGM;
  • A duty to report for all persons who become aware of the occurrence or the imminent occurrence of FGM;
  • A framework of child protection legislation which is based upon the best interests of the child;
  • A fully developed order for protection for actual or potential victims of FGM;
  • A clear statement of victims’ rights and adequate responses to victims’ needs;
  • A clear statement of the roles and responsibilities of government and community actors; and
  • A clear statement of broader coordinated policies to include a coordinated community response, public education and trainings.