from 13/Jul to 19/Nov

Women World Summit: launch of the campaign to Prevent and End Violence Against Children and Youth

Women's World Summit Foundation is happy to inform you of the online launch of the 7th edition of their annual Campaign Kit,19 Days of Activism for prevention of violence against children and youth 1-19 November 2017. They have linked their Call to Action to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, which went into effect as of 2016. You are invited to register your planned activities online, which they will publish on their website for all other coalition members to see and be inspired by your programs.

Local: http://19days.woman.ch/index.php/en/
Date: Jul/13/2017 - Nov/19/2017
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from 25/Aug to 30/Nov

Invitation: Silent Tears Project - Exhibition on VAW with disability and women who acquire disability as a result of violence

Silent Tears is a multi-media exhibition by internationally renowned photographer Belinda Mason, and artists with disability, Dieter Knierim, Margherita Coppolino and Denise Beckwith. The power of this exhibition lies within the stories shared by the participants who are women with disability who have been subjected to violence and women who have acquired their disability caused by violence.

 The international component of Silent Tears, which is due for completion in 2017, will include the stories of 25 women with disability who come from five continents and 20 countries. Participants to date come from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Ghana, Mali, Pakistan, Samoa, USA, South Africa, India and Korea.

Please see more information here.

Local: http://silenttears.com.au/become-a-participant/
Date: Aug/25/2017 - Nov/30/2017
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from 01/Sep to 14/Nov

3rd Annual National Family and Domestic Violence Conference - Sydney (13-14th November 2017)

The 3rd Annual National Family and Domestic Violence Conference will be held from Monday 13th – Tuesday 14th November, 2017 at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Sydney.

Family and domestic violence reaches every level of Australian society, and so this year, we will do the same. The 2017 National Family and Domestic Violence Conference will put a new focus on:

  • Business: examining standout companies leading the way, and the importance of the workplace in violence prevention and support.
  • Technology: through key experts in the field we will look at the developing roll of technology, the inherent threats, how it can facilitate abuse, how to protect yourself, and how it can help.

More information accessible here.

Local: https://www.informa.com.au/event/national-family-domestic-violence-summit/
Date: Sep/01/2017 - Nov/14/2017
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from 01/Sep to 17/Nov

UNFPA Award - Bosnia and Herzegovina (17th November)

The award has been instituted to acknowledge the commendable efforts undertaken in BiH that challenge dominant social stereotypes, deconstructing prejudices against marginalized groups or for significant contribution in advancing rights of people in one of the four key UNFPA priority areas:

1. Sexual and reproductive health;
2. Adolescents and youth (sexual and reproductive health);
3. Gender equality and women’s empowerment with focus on conflict-related sexual violence;
4. Population dynamics with focus on ageing.

Deadline of submission 17th November.

More information here

Local: http://ba.unfpa.org/en/submission/unfpa-award-overview
Date: Sep/01/2017 - Nov/17/2017
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from 01/Sep to 14/Nov

EU call for proposals: Preventing and combating gender-based violence and violence against children

For the purposes of this call, the European Union (EU) defines gender based violence (GBV) as violence directed against a person because of that person's gender or as violence that affects persons of a particular gender disproportionately. The EU calls for proposals to prevent GBV; and Protect and support for victims of gender-based violence and violence against children, including through tackling under-reporting and promoting multi-disciplinary cooperation among relevant professionals.

Deadline: 14 November 2017

More information here.

Local: http://www.svri.org/news/eu-call-proposals-preventing-and-combating-gender-based-violence-and-violence-against-children
Date: Sep/01/2017 - Nov/14/2017
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from 10/Sep to 29/Nov

19th Ending Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Conference (29th November 2017)

Event Date
Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 12:00AM

Conference focus areas include: sexual assault, domestic violence, child victims, dismantling racism, human trafficking, primary prevention, anti-oppression & intersectionality, leadership/nonprofit management, self-care.

Information and registration here.

Local: https://kcadv.org/annual-conference/details
Date: Sep/10/2017 - Nov/29/2017
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from 15/Sep to 16/Nov

Conference - What About Sexual Violence? Where to from here? (15-16 November) Victoria, Australia

This conference examines the state of services, policy and research into sexual violence in Australia.

Venue:  RMIT University, Swanston Academic Building
Start Date:  Wednesday, 15th November 2017
End Date:  Thursday, 16th November 2017
Time: 8:30am-4:30pm


Local: https://anrows.org.au/events/stakeholder-events/what-about-sexual-violence-where-here
Date: Sep/15/2017 - Nov/16/2017
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from 11/Oct to 21/Nov

Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality Programming - 11 October-21 November 2017

This e-learning course introduces participants to principles, strategies, normative frameworks and policy approaches on engaging men and boys on gender equality. Examining critical concepts such as masculinity, patriarchy and intersectionality, the course discusses why a holistic approach is central to achieving gender equality and explores the relationship between gender equality, sustainable development and human rights. 

Week 1: Men, masculinities and gender – key concepts and normative/legal framework
Week 2: Opportunities and challenges of engaging men and boys in gender equality programming
Week 3: Gender-based violence
Week 4: Sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
Week 5: Domestic work and caregiving
Week 6: Lessons learned and the way ahead

DEADLINE 1st September 2017

More information and registration here.

Local: http://www.hrea.org/learn/elearning/engaging-men/
Date: Oct/11/2017 - Nov/21/2017
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from 21/Nov to 13/Dec

Structuring Your Prevention Program for Success - WCSAP Webinar

This webinar will explore strategically structuring prevention sessions, as well as ensuring sessions and programs are connected to the broader prevention vision and goals. The trainer will give attendees ideas on how to design prevention sessions that utilize effective and engaging practices, such as setting specific and achievable learning objectives and incorporating diverse teaching techniques that are respective of multiple learning styles. Oftentimes preventionists are asked to cover a variety of topics in their presentations, which can result in a disjointed and confused message, therefore attendees will also learn how to sequence lessons so that they reinforce and build upon each other. Finally, the trainer will share strategies to achieve the identified goals of the agency prevention program, such as coordinating messages and threads of prevention across various programs to build towards greater impact in the community over time. 

Register 3 weeks in advance to allow time for scheduling interpreters

Click here for registration and more information. 

Local: http://www.wcsap.org/structuring-your-prevention-program-success
Date: Nov/21/2017 - Dec/13/2017
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from 27/Nov to 01/Dec

Professional Certificate in Tackling Human Trafficking

This course will provide those involved in investigating, preventing and mitigating the effects of human trafficking with a clear understanding of its nature, evolution and drivers, as well as the tools to tackle the crisis. 

A comprehensive analysis of the tools to counter human trafficking will be provided, with subjects to be discussed including:

  • The economics of human trafficking
  • The crux of the trafficking issue and policy impacts
  • The immigration/asylum debate and impact on policy
  • Gender and human trafficking
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Supporting victims of human trafficking

Experts in the field will lead this training through interactive workshops, lectures and best practice case studies, fostering innovation, creative learning and networking amongst peers.

Upon completion of this four-day-long course and subsequent successful completion of CMI written tasks, the successful candidate will be awarded a Level 5 CMI certificate in Management & Leadership showing the CMI units achieved. The CMI is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. The professional qualifications offered by the Institute are internationally recognised and sought after.

Local: London, UK
Date: Nov/27/2017 - Dec/01/2017
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WEBINAR: #GUILTY: Identifying, Preserving, and Presenting Digital Evidence

The way we interact with technology continues to increase and evolve as we rely on computers, smart phones, and other digital devices to complete many of our daily activities. Unfortunately, as technology becomes more integral to our lives, offenders increasingly misuse technology to facilitate crimes against women, and as a means to assert power and control in the course of an intimate partner relationship. Where technology is being used to perpetrate crimes, investigators and prosecutors can identify, preserve, and present digital evidence in order strengthen cases, support victims, and hold offenders accountable for the full range of their criminal and abusive activity.

This presentation will demonstrate how cyber investigations can be used to reveal evidence of criminal activity, as well as evidence of the power and control dynamics of an abusive intimate partner relationship. The presenter will discuss theories of admission, rules of evidence, and case law will be discussed using “real life” examples to demonstrate how to properly authenticate and introduce digital evidence in civil and criminal proceedings.

Click here to register for this webinar.

Local: http://www.aequitasresource.org/trainingDetail.cfm?id=171
Date: Nov/28/2017
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iKnow Politics Website Re-launch and Panel Discussion on VAWP

To mark the iknowpolitics.org website re-launch, the iKNOW Politics partners invite you to a discussion on Ending Violence Against Women in Politics during the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence.

Join representatives of UN Women, UNDP, International IDEA and the IPU who will share their initiatives and programmes to raise awareness, support research, document cases, and put measures in place to end violence against women in politics once and for all.  

The event will be streamed live on iKNOW Politics’ Facebook page @iknowpolitics.org on 29 November 2017 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM EST.

Click here for more information


Local: http://iknowpolitics.org/en/news/events/iknow-politics-event-website-re-launch-and-panel-discussion-violence-against-women
Date: Nov/29/2017
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