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Last edited: December 23, 2011

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Justice sector capacity should be broadly expanded to:

  • Disseminate knowledge on laws on violence against women to the public, legal professionals, paraprofessionals, judges at all levels, and all court personnel.
  • Improve court infrastructure with new or improved means for women and girl survivors of violence to access justice.
  • Create country-wide databases on prevalence and incidence of violence against women and on perpetrators of violence.
  • Educate judges, prosecutors, and court administrators on all issues relevant to violence against women.
  • Institutionalizing protocols

Laws on violence against women have evolved considerably in the last decade and legal professionals and the public should become aware of new laws and best practices in their country and around the world.

Resources should be dedicated to maintaining adequate facilities and equipment for all segments of the justice sector. The advances in computer technology can enhance the implementation of laws on violence against women. Reviews of country law, policy, and practice and the latest techniques in case management may be easily accessible online and if not, can be made available by web seminar to enhance the justice sector’s knowledge base and capacity. Regular, ongoing training programmes for current and new justice system staff members is necessary to implement laws on violence against women.