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Last edited: December 23, 2011

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Training for public officials in general should include:

  • Regular and institutionalized gender sensitivity training and capacity development on violence against women;
  • Specific training and capacity development when new legislation is enacted; and
  • Development and consultation with NGOs and service providers in the process of training development. Source: (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division of the Advancement of Women, 2010).

CEDAW Committee Supports Training on Violence against Women

In Vertido v. The Philippines, the first case on rape decided under the Optional Protocol, the CEDAW Committee found that the Philippines violated the plaintiff’s rights under CEDAW and recommended that the Philippines pay appropriate compensation. The Committee recommended that several measures be implemented to improve the judiciary’s handling of rape cases and its discriminatory attitudes towards women, including requiring regular training on CEDAW, especially General Recommendation 19, and training for judges, among others, on the dynamics of criminal sexual assault so that they can make objective decisions and avoid re-victimizing survivors.

Source: CEDAW Committee. 2010. CEDAW/C/46/D/18/2008.


Training Programme on Combating Violence Against Women (Women Against Violence Europe, 2000). Contains specific modules for law enforcement, judicial professionals, medical professionals, and psychosocial professionals. Available in English.

National Initiatives and Training Innovations to Address Gender Justice and Gender-Based Violence (Avon Global Center 2010 Women and Justice Conference).  See the Video.