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Adapting successful or promising campaign models

Last edited: January 03, 2012

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An organization or alliance may be inspired by a particular campaign and wish to emulate its model. A joint campaign planning group bringing together members of the original campaign and groups interested in copying the model can examine which aspects of the original campaign can and need to be modified so as to fit into a locally relevant strategy. All the steps of strategic planning need to be examined together. For example, a campaign designed in India, where mobilizing large numbers of volunteers is a tradition, needs to be adjusted for countries where voluntary work is uncommon. The monitoring system needs to include relevant indicators to determine the effects of such adjustments to the overall campaign strategy and its outcomes.

Transferring a campaign strategy and model to others

When transferring a campaign model to other groups, regions or countries, a combination between high-quality documentation and person-to-person contact can effectively transmit both the formal structure and process of the campaign, and the more implicit knowledge campaigners gain in day-to-day activity.

  • Quality documentation – A written campaign strategy document that explains how change is expected to happen and what campaign communications and evaluation reports are planned, is a key source of information for potential imitators. An information kit that includes copies of all campaign materials should be made available, including any resource packs or kits for campaign activists.
  • Cross-visits and exposure trips to other countries or areas within a country where the campaign has been successful can deepen understanding – provided they are carefully prepared. If social contexts are different, visitors need to first be briefed on the local society and prevalent forms of violence against women. For example, issues such as violence against women connected to the cultural practice of dowry giving, which takes place in South Asian countries, is not common in African societies; similarly, female genital mutilation/cutting which occurs across parts of Sub-Saharan Africa is a harmful cultural practice that is rare in other societies.