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Terminating or transforming a campaign alliance

Last edited: January 03, 2012

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At the end of a successful campaign, an alliance may choose to disband itself, or to generate an organization that monitors or accompanies the changes attained through the campaign. It may also wish to scale-up, to broaden its impact across wider target audiences, sectors, geographical areas, etc. In addition, it may decide to assist another organization or alliance which, inspired by the campaign, would like to emulate its model.

For guidance on exit, adapting and scaling-up strategies or how to transfer a campaign model to others, see Exit, Adapting and Scaling-up Strategies under Campaign Strategy.


Example: The Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice (WIGJ) was created by the Women’s Caucus of the ICC upon completion of its successful advocacy campaign to ensure gender-based crimes are fully part of the International Criminal Court (ICC) mandate and procedures. WIGJ is based in The Hague, monitors ICC activities and takes action when women’s issues may be neglected by the ICC. For example, WIGJ organized a visit to Northern Uganda in 2004 when it appeared that crimes against women did not receive sufficient attention in the Court’s on-going investigation of the situation. After that visit, the ICC contacted some of the women’s groups in Uganda to address this gap.


Source: Personal communication with Vahida Nainar, former Director, WIGJ.