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Some indicators for campaign communications

Last edited: January 03, 2012

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Sample questions


How many educational brochures, campaign posters, leaflets and other communications materials have been distributed respectively, to which segments of the target audiences? How many times has a PSA been broadcast, what has been the approximate size and composition of the audience? If using online tools, such as digital video, how many times has the video been viewed or downloaded?


How much attention has the campaign, or a specific campaign activity, received in the mass media (e.g. newspapers, TV) or on the internet (e.g. through social networking sites, blogs)? How many times has the campaign been mentioned in the mass media /internet over a given period? How many open editorials prepared by the campaigners have been run? How many times has the campaign video been downloaded from the website?


To what extent have the different segments of the target audience encountered the campaign? How many times has the campaign website been visited? What percentage of the intended target audience have noticed the campaign and can recall (unaided) or recognize (aided) its message? How many people have signed-up on the campaign website to receive more information, become a supporter or sign a petition?