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Children and armed conflict

Last edited: July 03, 2013

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  • Since 1999 the Security Council has adopted resolutions specific to children and armed conflict, each one containing progressively more concrete provisions to protect children. These are relevant of the girl child who is often the victim of sexual violence and exploitation, and, increasingly, being recruited into fighting forces.


Security Council Resolution (SCR)

Children and Armed Conflict


UN SCR 1261   

Identified the issue of children in armed conflict as a global priority. It was the first to condemn the targeting of children in armed conflict including the recruitment and use of child soldiers.


UN SCR 1314

Established more targeted measures to protect children during and after conflict.


UN SCR 1379

Considered provisions to protect children during peacekeeping operations and requested the Secretary-General to identify parties to conflict that used or recruited child soldiers.   


UN SCR 1460

Called for the immediate end to the use of child soldiers and endorsed an "era of application" of international norms and standards for the protection of war-affected children.


UN SCR 1539

Condemned the use of child soldiers and asked the Secretary-General to devise a monitoring mechanism. The resolution marked the first time the Council had broadened the protection framework by identifying other categories of violations against children.


UN SCR 1612

Establishes a comprehensive mechanism for monitoring, reporting on, and punishing those responsible for grave violations against children in conflict initially in priority countries where this is an issue, focusing in particular on the six most grave violations against children in armed conflict. It also created the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict.


UN SCR 1882

Builds upon SRC 1612 and strengthened the protection of children in situations of armed conflict through the development of additional complete, time-bound action plans to halt killing and maiming of children, and rape and other sexual violence against children.


UN SCR 1998

Declared schools and hospitals off limits for both armed groups and military activities, asking the Secretary-General for such crimes to be placed on a list of those committing "grave violations" against children.


UN SCR 2068

Expressed deep concern about perpetrators who persisted in committing violations against children and reiterated its readiness to adopt targeted and graduated measures against them. Called on the Working Group to consider, within the year, a broad range of options for increasing pressure on persistent perpetrators.

Source: Security Council Report, UN Documents for Children and Armed Conflict: Security Council Resolutions”, accessed in May 2013.