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Last edited: March 07, 2019

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In planning an evaluation, the following issues should be considered:

  • What goals and objectives of the coordinated response can the evaluation measure?
  • What data are agencies currently recording?
  • What additional data should be gathered and analysed (including which baseline data will be used to measure change over time)?
  • What will be the criteria for judging effectiveness?
  • Who will carry out the evaluation?

Often there are scarce resources available for evaluation, which can limit both scope and frequency.  However, evaluation is vital for ensuring that interventions are safe and effective and that the funds used in delivery of the coordinated response are being spent appropriately and responsibly.  Gathering the data needed for the evaluation will also require ongoing input and staff allocation to complete this work.  A funding strategy for ongoing monitoring and evaluation should be built into the coordinated response from the outset.

Evaluation designs should be closely linked to the specific aims and objectives of the coordinated response (which will vary from one programme to another) and address whether or not they have been achieved.