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Ensuring the Availability of Referral Services

Last edited: December 20, 2019

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Before deciding to collect data on VAWG, it is important to identify what support services – including medical, psychosocial, protection/security and legal services – are locally available. While these services are most important when respondents are explicitly being asked about their own experiences of VAWG, data collectors can provide information about VAWG services even when collecting more general data (for example, asking about knowledge and attitudes related to gender and violence).


In hard to reach locations where security is poor or in the early stages of an emergency before relief efforts are fully operational, it is likely that VAWG services or even basic health services may not be available. If the research is being conducted in an area where static services are not available or adequate, consider setting up temporary services –particularly for psychosocial support – to provide assistance to anyone who experiences distress when talking about their experiences.