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Why Collect the Data?

Last edited: December 20, 2019

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Data are collected for many different purposes. Data can be collected to gather information on a situation, learn how to improve programmes, to measure programme outputs, outcomes, and impact, or to understand the magnitude and scope of a problem. Data should not be collected just to collect data. Particularly in conflict and post-conflict settings, it is essential to know why data are being collected, who will have access to it and what the data will be used for. For example, organizations may be interested in understanding the areas where VAWG occurs within a refugee camp setting so that protection measures can be implemented in those locations. Other organizations may want to study the prevalence of different types of VAWG within a community in order to design appropriate response programmes or they may be interested in understanding the impact of their programme on the lives of women and girls in order to improve the effectiveness of the programme.