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Identifying strategies for implementation

Last edited: October 30, 2010

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Integrated programmes using various mutually-reinforcing strategies, such as those combining group education with community outreach and mobilization with mass media campaigns are more effective in changing boys and men’s behaviour than, for example, group education alone (WHO 2007).

Steps in defining appropriate strategies:

 Review the information gathered after carrying out the situation analyses to identify the best course of action;

Map local organizations active in the area of violence against women and girls;

Identify actors involved in related areas, such as HIV and AIDS, reproductive health, safe motherhood;

Develop integrated solutions to related problems by addressing the interconnection between issues (e.g. violence and HIV and AIDS, violence and education, violence and workplace issues, violence and poverty or unemployment, violence and maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, among others); and

Jointly decide on a strategic course of action that builds on each organization’s strength and abilities.


Examples of initiatives that have employed multiple strategies to target both the individual and his social context:

Sexto Sentido ( Nicaragua )

Soul City Series 4 (South Africa)

Program H (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, India, among other countries)

Raising Voices (Uganda)