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Monitor and evaluate programme effectiveness

Last edited: October 30, 2010

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Given the incipient nature of the work with men, careful attention should be paid to monitoring and evaluating programmes to assess a programme’s results, determine how to improve the intervention and to help build a body of knowledge regarding better interventions in the area of violence against women prevention.

It is important that a monitoring and evaluation framework is developed during the design phase of the intervention, prior to beginning an initiative. Baseline information must also be collected prior to the intervention so that it provides a point of comparison for data collected during and after the programme’s implementation.

For an overview of why monitoring and evaluation is important and what to assess when working with men and boys, see: Evaluating work with Men and Boys (power point presentation by Gary Barker, Promundo Brazil )

For an overview of different methodologies for monitoring and evaluating violence prevention programmes, please see: Evaluating Prevention Programmes: Challenges and Benefits of Measuring Outcomes (Paul A. Schewe and Larry W. Bennett).


See the monitoring and evaluation section of this module on men and boys. See also the Monitoring and Evaluation section of Programming Essentials on this site.