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Last edited: October 30, 2010

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It is important to decide who will be responsible for each element of a safe cities for women programme. This will make sure that everything gets done and that work is divided fairly. At the same time, defining roles and responsibilities will keep different partners from doing the same actions twice, which can be a waste of valuable time and resources. Moreover, by dividing roles and responsibilities at the beginning, it will be clear to each


The Partnership Agreement, in Building Community-Based Partnerships for Local Action on Women’s Safety (Women in Cities International/Femmes et villes international, 2007): pages 29 – 33. This tool is a general worksheet that all partners in a safe cities for women programme can use to agree on what their partnership is about; what the vision, goals, and objectives of the partnership are; what kind of relationship is implied for the partnership; the roles and responsibilities of each partner; and the organizational and reporting structure of the partnership. The agreement also includes a financial administration section with a partnership budget worksheet. Additionally, sections addressing dispute resolution, evaluation, and dissolution of the partnership are provided. Available in English and French.

Sample Partnership Agreement in Building Partnerships to End Violence Against Women: A Practical Guide for Rural and Isolated Communities (Community Coordination for Women's Safety Project, 2005). British Columbia Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs, Canada: pages 102 – 109. Safe cities for women programme partners can use and adapt this tool to suit their own circumstances. The agreement covers the goals and objectives of each partner together and separately. It also covers strategies for dealing with differences between partners, for producing a vision and objective statement, for determining an organizational structure, and more. Available in English.