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Operating under ethical guidelines

Last edited: October 31, 2010

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  • Interventions and services should prioritize and guarantee women’s and girls’ rights to safety and security, confidentiality and privacy, expression of opinion and autonomy to make decisions, including as related to health, protection and judicial processes.  (UNDAW and UNODC, 2005)
  • Research about violence with women and girls should always follow ethical guidelines to ensure their safety and rights protections.
  • Awareness-raising efforts and other activities (e.g. research) should not be undertaken unless survivors and other community members have access to minimum services (health, protection and legal) or referrals to acquire the supports they may need. In many instances, such outreach or interviews may be the first time a woman or girl speaks of her history of abuse and prompt counselling and care should be made readily available, in line with ethical standards.