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Demonstrate and encourage a norm of respect for survivors

Last edited: December 20, 2011

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Survivors often are ignored, dismissed, or disbelieved by justice system actors. Programmes focused on changing this paradigm should first ensure that their own work is designed to be respectful of survivors’ experiences by including survivors in programme design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Survivors should be treated with courtesy, respect, and particular sensitivity to the trauma they have experienced. Encouraging justice mechanisms to enhance security, privacy, and advocacy and support services for survivors (such as court accompaniment) can be important ways to demonstrate a norm of respect and caring for survivors. Also, programs will be more effective if survivors are included in planning and design in a respectful way. Justice systems should also be encouraged to understand the gendered nature of crimes of violence against women, by providing training and education that places these crimes in the context of women’s roles in society and discrimination against women generally.