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Oversight and monitoring

Last edited: December 20, 2011

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  • Establishing specific national or regional bodies, such as gender ombudsman offices, national equality councils, working groups on gender, or ministries of gender and family to monitor and report on gender issues in the justice sector
  • National or regional collaboration of civil society groups to work as an observatory on the justice sector response to violence against women
  • Engaging international partners to assist in monitoring justice sector response to violence against women and to raise the profile of critical issues on the international stage
  • Training survivors and other women to carry out monitoring of informal and formal sector mechanisms
  • Promoting an increase of targeted research on the justice sector, particularly regarding the informal justice sector


Example: In Latin America, a number of human rights ombudsmen offices at the national and provincial levels monitor and accept complaints against the state related to violence against women. For a list of these offices, see the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights website.