Secretaries of the US Navy, Army, and Air Force Call for Speakers and Abstracts

Day(s): 10

The purpose of the conference is to advance the national dialogue at the college and university level regarding the scourge of sexual harassment and assault. Leaders and experts will develop and share strategies that make a significant impact on increasing awareness, improving education, and providing care for victims. Topics of interest include Healthy Relationships, Prevention, Cutting Edge Practices, Evaluation, Culture/Climate and Leadership, and Gender Specific Responses.

Abstracts are due by 11PM, March 10, 2019

Conference is 4-5th April 2019

Date: Mar/10/2019
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Workshop: Finance as a tool to address gender-based violence

Day(s): 25 and 26

Criterion Institute invites you to join us for a two-day workshop as we seek to deepen the ability of gender experts and activists to use finance as a social change strategy. Through discussions, small-group workshops, and design sessions, we will equip you to identify opportunities to use finance to further your programs and goals. Insights from these design sessions will inform Criterion’s gender-based violence programming and the development of tools and other resources for dissemination.

Time: 9-5pm

Local: Arlington, VA, USA
Date: Mar/25/2019 - Mar/26/2019
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SRGBV Global Learning Symposium

Day(s): 26, 27 and 28

The Global Learning Symposium is a biennial event held by the Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence, with support from UNESCO and UNGEI. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a platform for capacity development through knowledge and learning exchange between a diversity of partners representing government, civil society, donors, UN agencies, research institutions and education unions.

The symposium will bring together practitioners, policy makers and researchers to engage in meaningful dialogue about contextually relevant solutions to end SRGBV. The symposium will provide an opportunity for representatives from Ministries of Education to showcase efforts to address SRGBV and share learning from national governments, CSOs, donors, unionists and academia.
Through group and plenary activities, some of the topics that the symposium will explore:
1. Working with teachers
2. Shifting gender norms, behaviours and practice
3. Whole school approaches
4. Integrating SRGBV prevention in the education system (including policy, planning and implementation)
5. Data, monitoring and measurement

Local: East Africa (City to be determined)
Date: Mar/26/2019 - Mar/28/2019
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