3.2. Data for advocacy in Jamaica

Last edited: October 07, 2020

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Following the launch in 2017 of the first national VAW prevalence survey results in Jamaica, the Joint Programme provided support to a series of data-user-producer dialogues with key stakeholders and actors. These dialogues were planned to support the implementation of the National Strategic Action Plan against Gender Based Violence 2017-2027, focusing on the priority areas of prevention, protection, investigation, prosecution and enforcement. Specific recommendations that came out from these user-producer dialogues focused on results of the national prevalence survey include: targeting all-boys schools (to ensure boys understand from an early age the concept of sex and gender, gender discrimination and how to identify and address toxic masculinities); carefully monitoring and addressing school drop-out and fertility rates among girls; devising a comprehensive approach for faith-based organizations to speak about intimate partner violence (IPV) and offer services to women who experience it; and developing a sustained public education campaign to provide women with information about the services available to help them if they are facing IPV.

Jamaica’s 2016 Women’s Health Survey can be downloaded in English.