Last edited: March 17, 2020

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The UN Women-WHO Global Joint Programme Strengthening Methodologies and Measurement and Building National Capacities for Violence Against Women Data (the Joint Programme) seeks to enhance the quality, comparability, and availability of data on different forms of VAW as part of a wider effort to address VAW. The Joint Programme focuses on three key areas:

  1. strengthening measurement and methodologies for VAW data collection and use;
  2. strengthening national capacities to collect, analyse and use VAW data; and
  3. ensuring quality data is available and used to inform advocacy, policies and programmes to address VAW.

This 5-year Joint Programme (2018-2022) brings together the distinct and complementary experience and expertise of UN Women and WHO, both of whom already contribute to the elimination of VAW in general, and the increased availability of quality VAW prevalence data in particular. It is implemented in close collaboration and coordination with other actors contributing to this field, particularly UNFPA, UNSD, UNODC and UNICEF, and with the engagement of other stakeholders.


The Annual Reports for the Joint Programme can be accessed here: 2018, 2019.