This handbook was developed by Jane Pillinger. It was finalized by Eric Carlson and Irini Proios Torras (Gender, Equality and Diversity & ILOAIDS Branch, ILO) and Dina Deligiorgis (UN Women). Eric Carlson (ILO) and Dina Deligiorgis (UN Women) guided the overall development of this handbook.

We are grateful to the many people who contributed ideas for the structure and content of this handbook, including case studies and promising practices.

In particular, many thanks go to the experts in the International Peer Review Group who provided valuable inputs on working drafts of the handbook. These include Marylin Baldeck (Association européenne contre les Violences faites aux Femmes au Travail, France); Mai Thi Dieu Huyen (Deputy Director, Women Entrepreneurs Council, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam); Monique Keel (Senior Advisor, Practice Leadership, OurWatch, Australia); Chidi King (Director, Equality Department, International Trade Union Confederation, Brussels, Belgium); Barb MacQuarrie (Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, Western University, Canada); Verónica Montúfar (Gender Equality Officer, Public Services International, Ecuador); Jo Morris (Visiting Professor in Practice, London School of Economics, Gender Studies, United Kingdom); Robin Runge (Senior Gender Expert, Solidarity Centre, Washington DC, United States). Thanks is also extended to Michael Stewart-Evans and Gabrielle Henderson (UN Women) and to Shauna Olney and Luciana Collete (ILO) for their review and inputs, and Rebecca Tomlinson (UN Women) for her editorial support.

This handbook benefited from the discussions at the UN Women and Care International Expert Group Meeting on Violence and Harassment against Women in the World of Work, held in New York on 13 March 2018. Thanks go to the participants for their valuable suggestions, and to Lori Heninger for facilitating the Meeting.

Special thanks is extended to the Australian Government for its support for this handbook.