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Partnerships with teachers’ unions

ActionAid International Kenya/The CRADLE – the Children’s Foundation. 2004. Making Schools a Safe Horizon for Girls: a Training Manual on Preventing Sexual Violence against Girls in Schools is based on the CRADLE Children’s Foundation’s experience with teachers in Kenya, aims to enhance the capacity of teachers to understand the concept of rights and the mechanisms for identifying and dealing with abuse including reporting and follow-up of cases. It provides guidance for developing girls’ forums in schools and campaigns against abuse of girls in schools and includes case studies, activities and checklists, among other workshop tools that can be adapted to different country contexts.


Education International. 2007. Building a Gender Friendly School Environment: A toolkit for educators and their unions. The toolkit helps teachers’ unions to create a safe environment in learning institutions for learners of all ages. The toolkit covers codes of conduct, how to undertake analysis of the learning environments, how unions can engage with governments to change policy, and training.


Plan International (Viet Nam). 2009. Positive Discipline: A Training Manual is aimed at training parents, teachers and caregivers on positive discipline. It covers techniques, case studies and advice for alternative forms of discipline.


Sonke. 2012. One Man Can: Be a Teacher – An Action Sheet suggests how male teachers can encourage boys and young men to be more active in ending violence against women and girls. It includes guidance on understanding the impact of violence; creating a physically and emotionally safe school environment; being a model of respect and integrity; encouraging learners to support each other; involving and educating parents; holding fellow teachers to account; and teaching students about healthy relationships.


UNESCO. 2006. Positive Discipline in the Inclusive, Learning-Friendly Classroom – A Guide for Teachers and Teacher Educators is intended to help teachers, school administrators and education officials to effectively manage students in the classroom by proposing non-violent ways to deal with behavioural challenges positively and proactively. It presents positive discipline tools that are concrete alternatives to corporal punishment.