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Annex I: Regional policy commitments and agreements on children and violence

Última editado: November 15, 2016

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1990: African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child – Signatories must take all appropriate measures to protect children from all forms of violence, including physical, mental or sexual abuse (Article 16) and sexual exploitation (Article 27).

1996: European Social Charter and Revised Social Charter – Requires legislative prohibition against any form of violence against children, including at school.

2013: Asia-Pacific Roundtable Meeting on SRGBV in Bangkok in November 2013 organized by UNESCO, UNGEI and Plan International to bring together ministries, researchers, UN and civil society. A regional review on SRGBV in the Asia-Pacific Region (UNESCO, 2014) was also published to improve understanding of the issues surrounding SRGBV and to identify steps to reduce incidents of SRGBV in the region.

2014: Global Working Group to End SRGBV was formed in August 2014 to collaborate on ending SRGBV. The group consists of a coalition of governments, development organizations, civil society activists and research institutions.