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Última editado: July 07, 2020

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This section highlights a number of opportunities in which world of work actors can play a transformative role in ending violence and harassment against women in the world of work. It presents nine important dimensions around which world of work actors are developing promising practices and which contribute to a transformative approach. In particular, because there are underlying gender, cultural and social norms that support violence and harassment against women in the world of work, action needs to be taken to transform these norms.

Any of these nine dimensions is a practical starting point for organizations that want to develop workplace initiatives, campaigns and programmes to end violence and harassment against women workers:

  1. Tackling gender inequalities, discrimination and social norms that underpin violence and harassment;
  2. Transformative prevention activities in the workplace;
  3. Effective human resource policies, procedures and practices;
  4. Effective complaints procedures;
  5. Remedies and support for victims;
  6. Perpetrator accountability;
  7. Raising awareness:  training, information, campaigns, tools and guidance;
  8. Gender-responsive public services;
  9. Safe public spaces.