Novembre, 29

Coaching Boys Into Men Training Institute

Jour(s): de 02/nov. vers 30/nov.

You are invited to apply to the Coaching Boys Into Men Training Institute, which will be held in June of 2019 and hosted at the Futures Without Violence Center for Leadership and Action in San Francisco! The Institute will be an opportunity to receive more extensive training on how to begin and sustain a CBIM implementation in your local schools and communities and to connect to other CBIM communities nationwide.

This 2-day train-the-trainer Institute, led by the CBIM National Advisory Council, will prepare participants with the skills and tools they need to begin a CBIM implementation, train coaches, evaluate the program, provide support during the season, ensure program sustainability, and a presentation on the girls program Athletes As Leaders. Participants that complete the training will receive a CBIM Trainer certification and join our national community of Certified CBIM Trainers.


Registration through 30th November 2018.

Local: San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: Nov/02/2018 - Nov/30/2018
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Professional Certificate in Tackling Human Trafficking

Jour(s): 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30

his course will provide those involved in investigating, preventing and mitigating the effects of human trafficking with a clear understanding of its nature, evolution and drivers, as well as the tools to tackle the crisis. 


Interactive learning will support participants’ understanding of the key issues surrounding human trafficking, such as the relationship with other criminal activity, the treatment of survivors and international agreements. By examining best practice case studies and anti-trafficking policy, participants will leave equipped to assess anti-trafficking strategies and investigations, and implement action plans to tackle the crime, whilst engaging a broad range of stakeholders.

A comprehensive analysis of the tools to counter human trafficking will be provided, with subjects to be discussed including:

  • The economics of human trafficking

  • The crux of the trafficking issue and policy impacts

  • The immigration/asylum debate and impact on policy

  • Gender and human trafficking

  • Public awareness campaigns

  • Supporting victims of human trafficking

Local: London, UK
Date: Nov/26/2018 - Nov/30/2018
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E-Discussion on Violence Against Women in Politics

Jour(s): de 27/nov. vers 10/déc.

This e-Discussion is taking place alongside the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. Contributions are welcome from 26 November to 21 December 2018. The e-Discussion seeks to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence against women in politics and expand the dialogue on how to make political spaces safer and more inclusive for women.  


1. What is causing violence against women in politics to occur so widely across the world?

2.  IPU reports that about half of the women MPs subjected to acts of violence do not report them to the parliamentary security service and/or the police. Reporting rate for acts of sexual harassment are even much lower. Why do you think that is? What needs to change to ensure all incidents are reported?

3.  Social media is a top place in which psychological violence (e.g. sexist and misogynistic remarks, humiliating images, mobbing, intimidation and threats) is perpetrated against women in politics. How do you explain this? How can we make sure social media is a safe space for them?

4.  Violence against women in politics makes the work of women politicians difficult and potentially dangerous and therefore unattractive as a career option. What message would you give to women who are discouraged from engaging in political life because of the fear or threat of violence? 

Local: Online
Date: Nov/27/2018 - Dec/10/2018
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Violence Against Women in the Americas: Data and Action

Jour(s): 29

Join the Pan-American Health Organization and the World Bank for this session where the following will be discussed:

  • Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the Americas
  • Prevalence of intimate partner violence in the Caribbean: Overview of results from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago
  • 20 years of research and action on violence against women and girls in Nicaragua
  • Canada’s efforts to prevent and respond to violence against women domestically and abroad Jennifer Loten

Time: 9:30-12:00pm EST


English - www.livestream.com/pahotv/violence2018

Spanish - www.livestream.com/opstv/violencia2018

Local: PAHO, 525 23rd St., NW, Washington, DC - Room B and online
Date: Nov/29/2018