Introducing “Enhancing Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts Through Situational Interventions”

Jour(s): 15

In January 2020, a report, Enhancing Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts through Situational Intervention, will be released. In this web conference, the report’s authors will share the methodology developed that can be used across a range of college and university settings to: identify specific campus spaces perceived to be unsafe; identify multiple dimensions within those spaces that contribute to safety concerns and create perpetration opportunities; and generate place-based strategies that can address those environmental conditions.

Time: 3:30pm EST

Local: Online
Date: Jan/15/2020
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A Life Course Framework For Preventing Domestic Violence

Jour(s): 22

 A Lifecourse Framework for Preventing Domestic Violence, by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, identifies the timing and sequence of childhood and adolescent events and experiences that are strongly associated with adult domestic violence perpetration. Join PreventConnect on this web conference with the Blue Shield of California Foundation to discuss the life course analysis report, risk and protective factors of domestic violence across generations, and the implications and opportunities for prevention practice.

Time: 2pm EST

Local: Online
Date: Jan/22/2020
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Evaluating Social Norms and Social Marketing Campaigns for Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention

Jour(s): 23

This web conference will define social norms and social marketing campaigns, describe appropriate evaluation measures and indicators (including their pros and cons) to measure the efficacy of these campaigns, and provide examples of how several social norms and social marketing campaigns have been evaluated. This web conference builds off concepts and definitions from a previous PreventConnect web conference “Clearing Up Social Norms Change and Social Marketing for Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention.”

Time: 2pm EST

Local: Online
Date: Jan/23/2020
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Webinar 10 - Budgeting for Accessibility in your Primary Prevention Programs

Jour(s): 29

This webinar will focus on budgeting time, resources, and funding to prioritize accessibility in prevention programming and organizing. The webinar will build on the information provided in webinar 8.

Time: 1-2:30pm EST

Local: Online
Date: Jan/29/2020
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