Principle Authors (The Advocates for Human Rights) 

Cheryl Thomas, Director, Women’s Program

Laura Young, Staff Attorney, International Justice Program

Mary Ellingen, Staff Attorney, Women’s Program



Margarita Alarcon, Lawyer (United States)

Dr. Kelly Askin, Senior Legal Officer, International Justice, Open Society Justice Initiative (United States)

Lisa Dailey, Lawyer (United States)

Geraldine R. Bjallerstedt, Lawyer, Head of Nairobi Office, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Kenya)

Terence Fitzgerald, Senior Program Specialist, Justice Operations Division, International Justice Mission (United States)

Loretta Frederick, Senior Legal and Policy Advisor, Battered Women’s Justice Project (United States)

Albena Koycheva, Lawyer (Bulgaria)

Audrey Lee and Ann Campbell, International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (Malaysia)

Sara A. Lulo, Executive Director, Avon Global Center for Justice, Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell Law School (United States)

Patricia MacIntosh, Deputy Minister of Community Services (Canada)

Aileen Marques, Lawyer (India)

Eniko Pap, Lawyer (Hungary)

Dr. Maria F. Perez Solla, Lawyer (Austria)

Justice Sonia A.C. Rivera, Senior Judge, Gender Violence Specialized Court Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Anicée Van Engeland-Nourai, Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter, Research Associate, SOAS (United Kingdom)

Joan Winship, Executive Director, International Association of Women Judges (United States)