The Approach in Action: A Training Video for Organisations in East and Southern Africa

VideoThis training video is a companion piece to Mobilising Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence, a Resource Guide developed by Raising Voices. The video is a resource for organisations that are working to prevent domestic violence by using a community-based approach.

This video draws on the experiences of two NGOs that are pioneering the approach: Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) in Kampala, Uganda, and Kivulini Women’s Rights Organisation in Mwanza, Tanzania. Staff of Raising Voices, CEDOVIP and Kivulini appear in the video to share the knowledge they have gained from implementing the approach.

Following a textbook-like structure, this training video covers:

The Guiding Principles – key concepts organisations should keep in mind when doing community-based violence prevention work.

The Phased-In Approach – a way of structuring your program in order to effectively move your community through a process of change.

The Five Strategies – activities organisations can use to bring alive the Guiding Principles and the Phased-In Approach.

Monitoring and Evaluation – advice on how to monitor and evaluate your work.

Included in the DVD package is a Training Booklet. This booklet was designed to help viewers get the most out of the Training Video. It includes:

  1. Brief summaries of the chapters of the Training Video.
  2. Questions for discussion and reflection about the Training Video and community mobilization approach.
  3. A series of simple training sessions written to help deepen your understanding of the approach and how your organization may adapt and use some of these ideas.
  4. A list of each of the activities highlighted in the training video and where you can read more about them in the Resource Guide.

The Approach in Action: A training video for Mobilising Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence was co-produced by Raising Voices and The People’s Picture Company with funding from Hivos, the Ford Foundation and American Jewish World Service.

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-Approach in Action received the Bronze Plaque from the 55th Columbus International Film & Video Festival (The Chris Awards)!