Core recommended elements of legislation on “honour” crimes

  • GUARANTEES of equality between women and men, including within matters pertaining to family relations and sexuality.
  • PROHIBITION against discrimination against women and girls and modification of customs, practices and social and cultural patterns that discriminate against women and girls
  • INTEGRATION of crimes committed in the name of "honour” (hereinafter, “honour” crimes) within a domestic violence legal framework
  • CRIMINALIZATION of “honour” crimes and “honour” killings as separate criminal offenses, including criminalizing aiding, abetting, soliciting, inciting, or conspiring to commit an “honour” crime or killing
  • ELIMINATION of mitigation in sentencing or reduced penalties for “honour” crimes, adultery, domestic femicides and crimes of passion committed against female family members
  • ELIMINATION of criminal defenses based on “honour” or provocation based on adultery
  • INCREASE penalties making an “honour” killings an aggravated murder or first-degree murder
  • TRAININGS for the legal sector, including for law enforcement, prosecutors, and the judiciary
  • COORDINATION among relevant sectors in formulating a comprehensive response to “honour” crimes, including among government agencies, law enforcement, the judicial system, educators, health care providers, victim service providers, and civil society organizations
  • PUBLIC awareness initiatives about women’s human rights and applicable legislation
  • PROVISION of a civil order for protection remedy for victims or potential victims of “honour” crimes
  • DATA collection and monitoring of the multi-sectoral response to “honour” crimes

(See: Law and Policy on Honor Killings and Crimes, Stop VAW, Advocates for Human Rights)