Octubre, 11

Violence and Harassment in the World of Work: what to do?

Día (s): de 28/ago a 19/oct

The course will be held from 19th November to 23rd November 2018.

Questions addressed in the course will include:

  • What is “violence” in the world of work?
  • What are the rights-based and business cases for tackling violence in the world of work?
  • What is “gender-based violence”?
  • What are the root causes? What are the risk factors for both victims as well as perpetrators of such violence?
  • Strategies, good practices and practical tools that exist to address this problem within the workplace and beyond?
  • Gender-based violence,  HIV and AIDS and other intersectional dimensions;

Experts will share innovative initiatives and instruments, including lessons learned in overcoming challenges.

Application Deadline: 19th October 2018

Local: Turin, Italy
Fecha: Aug/28/2018 - Oct/19/2018
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Opportunities for prevention of SRGBV: Insights from Malawi, Uganda and Kenya

Día (s): 11

Join this webinar on International Day of the Girl Child and here from:

Liz Randolp, RTI


Chi-Chi Undie, Population Council, Kenya

TIME: 9:30am-10:30am Eastern Standard Time

Local: Online
Fecha: Oct/11/2018
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Webinar Live: Prevention of Sexual Violence - Ask a Researcher

Día (s): 11

What are the most effective ways to talk about sexual violence and prevention?

For the past five years, the research team at Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) and National Sexual Violence Resource Center have partnered to answer this question. Their recent publication, Moving toward prevention: a guide for reframing sexual violence, explores how sexual violence is commonly framed, ways we can shift the conversation to focus on prevention, and tips for engaging the media. They have also created a Media relations toolkit, which offers practical tips on preparing for interviews, writing press releases, and other ways to engage the media to elevate sexual violence prevention. 

Join them to speak with the researchers at a live event

Time: 3:00-3:45 PM EST

Local: Online
Fecha: Oct/11/2018
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