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Planning for increased help-seeking by survivors of violence

Dernière modification: July 27, 2020

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Media engagement, especially on a large scale, can result in greater numbers of victims/survivors and their communities seeking support and information on how to address such violence. As a result, such interventions can place an additional demand on support services, which may be struggling already to meet existing demands, a factor to consider in the design of the broader programme to end VAWG. It is important therefore to identify existing services and consult them on the design of interventions and communicate to audiences which services are available (with contact information) and in what capacity.  It is also important to provide this information to survivors or witnesses that you interview, who may experience secondary trauma from recalling and retelling what they have experienced or witnessed.  The same applies within institutions, for example, when a new sexual harassment policy and/or procedures are put in place, it is likely that more people will come forward and report their experience(s).