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Aiming for internet universality (R.O.A.M Principles)

Dernière modification: July 27, 2020

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As media are operating in a ubiquitous digital environment, the key values and principles that UNESCO advances for tackling the issues related to media and gender in the digital age is Internet Universality (IU). Just as human rights are universal, and the SDGs are universal, so is the value of Internet Universality as a key starting point for engagement and empowerment of all actors including women and girls. Internet Universality was unanimously endorsed in 2015 by UNESCO’s 193 Member States.  Underpinning the concept of Internet Universality are UNESCO’s ROAM principles (Rights, Openness, Accessibility and Multistakeholder participation). Internet Universality recognizes the Internet as a network of economic and social interactions and relationships (i.e. much more than just digital technology), with huge potential to enable human rights, empower individuals and facilitate sustainable development. To be sustainable, digital technologies must be available to all, especially girls and women.