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Develop a Mission Statement

Last edited: October 30, 2010

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Creating a mission statement for a safe cities for women programme establishes a specific vision, in one or two lines, which identifies key principles or values that all partners believe are fundamental to the project as well to the community in general. The mission statement should take into account the overarching goals of the programme, and should outline its purpose and objectives. The statement can provide an agreed-upon philosophical foundation in terms of what the group wants to achieve and keep everyone focused on the same agenda. It can also be used to guide partners through the planning and decision-making processes (Women in Cities International, 2007). Mission statements can be combined with goal or objective statements.

Example Mission Statements from Different Organizations

Mission statement from Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments (WISE), Ottawa, Canada:

“Women's Initiatives for Safer Environments is a community-based bilingual organization established in 1992. We work directly with individuals, diverse communities, local government and agencies to create safer physical and social environments in our neighbourhoods, parks, workplaces, recreational pathways, and schools. We believe that if we make the community safer for women and other vulnerable groups, it will be safer for everyone!”

Source: Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments (WISE). No date. 'Vision, Mission, Values and Principles' on WISE, Canada website. Available in English and French.


Mission statement from Alberni Community and Women’s Services Society, Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada:

” Alberni Community & Women's Services Society philosophy stems from a belief in the strength and equality of women. We are an organization committed to responding holistically to the needs of our diverse community. We promote the empowerment and safety of women, children and youth, through high quality counseling, education, support and resources. We work toward community connectedness and a violence free society.”

Source: Alberni Community and Women’s Services Society, Canada. No date. “Mission Statement” on organisation’s website. Available in English.


Mission statement from Women’s Design Service, London, England:

“Women's Design Service works to ensure that the design and use of the built environment reflects the needs and aspirations of women.”

Source: Women’s Design Service, UK. No date. “Visions and Aims”, Women’s Design Service on website. Available in English.



Mission Statement Building Exercise and Sample Mission Statement in Building Partnerships to End Violence Against Women: A Practical Guide for Rural and Isolated Communities (Community Coordination for Women's Safety Project, 2005). British Columbia Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs, Canada: pages 99 – 101. Safe Cities and Communities Programs can use this exercise and this example to create their own mission statement by brainstorming and discussing the actions, locations, people and changes they hope to address. Available in English.