The Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls

is an online resource in English, French and Spanish, designed to serve the needs of policymakers, programme implementers and other practitioners dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls. The Centre is an initiative of UN Women, bringing together the valuable contributions of expert organizations and individuals, governments, United Nations sister agencies, and a wide range of relevant actors. Part of the overall effort is encouraging shared ownership of the site and ongoing partnership-building for its continuous development and sustainability.

The primary purpose of the Global Virtual Knowledge Centre is to encourage and support evidence-based programming to more efficiently and effectively design, implement, monitor and evaluate initiatives to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls.  To achieve this, the Global Virtual Knowledge Centre offers a ‘one stop’ service to users by making available the leading tools and evidence on what works to address violence against women and girls. It draws on expert recommendations, policy and programme evaluations and assessments, and fundamentally, on practitioners’ experiences from around the world. 

The site offers users:

step-by-step guidance on ‘how to’ work with specific sectors, groups or areas of intervention

proven and promising approaches

recommended training and other practical tools for implementation

a roster of specialized organizations, by country and languages

summaries of evaluations and key findings

links to key sources of data and other on-line resources

an emerging observatory of leading initiatives; and

a calendar of major events and training opportunities. 

The more than 1 500 products and features available in over 60 languages is expanded and updated on an ongoing basis to ensure that practitioners have timely access to current information, knowledge and resources. Programming modules are also rolling out on an ongoing basis with new modules to be uploaded in the next few weeks. 

In addition to functioning as a user-friendly central repository, the Global Virtual Knowledge Centre will offer practitioners enriched opportunities for knowledge sharing and communication through forthcoming interactive spaces and technical webinars.

Register for the site to receive updates and to provide feedback during our annual survey. Your opinions are important in helping improve and shape this resource.

See past survey results:

Virtual Knowledge Centre 12 month Survey Report for 2010 (in English, French and Spanish), 2011 (in English, French and Spanish) and 2012.

Help Desk Rapid Assessments. Available for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Webinar Assessments.  Available for Costing (October 2011).




Original Concept and Overall Leadership - Maria Jose Alcala, Former Chief, EVAW Section

Technical Content and Management - Dina Deligiorgis, Knowledge Management Specialist

Research, Content and Website Support - Sunita Caminha, Former Research Specialist, Philippe Lust-Bianchi, Knowledge Management Specialist

Comunications: Aldijana Sisic, Communications Specialist (2009)
Administration: Connie Britton (2009-2010); Talita Mattos (2009-2011) and Patricia Codazzi (2011)

Administration and research support: Kutisha Ebron (2010-2012)

UNIFEM/UN Women Consultants and Interns: Kathleen Bernadette, Meagan Bovell, Megan Dersnah, Nery Joubert, Arati Rao and Abigail Weitzman (2009); Sophie Berlamont (2010); Sophie Browne (Summer 2011); Maria Adams (2012-2013), Zoe Hyman-Levy (2016).



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